This is the real Me

This is Me
DECEMBER 1, 2016 2017-03-06 10.34.07
So everyone knows me I  never change who I am..  I am either quiet which is rare ( or means I am thinking which is not always a good thing) or I say exactly how I feel or think or what’s happins in in life…..ya sure I have rough patches and need that extra encouragement and support but if you know me I have given myself to everyone one so much I have helped, taken care of stepped up, supported ,gave solid advise,manned up ,been there for anyone who needs it and I caretake I mother I am that one who is willing to go the extra 1000 miles because I am supportive and I don’t want anyone to fail ..I give my damn heart on my sleeve for a chance at any thing for anyone….rarery I open my life to anyone other then family and friends because I have had such disappointment heartache and hardships that broke me to the point that I no longer give a shit but when I do care I give it my all my 100% if I am trying it means I care……I am always open sometimes words fail me when I am scared that if I allow that one damn feeling to show that somehow it will disappoint me….I am stubborn I will not back down. I believe in myself and though not everyone seemed the world as I do but its my world….my children the loves of my life as much as they piss me off disappoint me or are reckless I love them I may not always agree but I let them decide their own lives I always want to be there do things support them sometime ignore them cuz its too much but in the end I raised them myself I have always been THE ONLY PARENT to them and all the other kids neices nephews brothers sisters friends I have raised more children in my life( other then my own 4)  then anyone should have to but its ME always has been my huge heart my endless love for them alli regret nothing…I keep my friends close to my heart I am always a true friend I don’t backstab or be false you always know where I stand and if I am angry I will tell you….I will confront ppl because I don’t like to have things misinturpited …so love me love me as I am for who I am for who I will always be love me because there is no one like me love me and stay love me I won’t change I am a hardass I am soft I am mean I am real…I never intentional hurt anyone I will always say it as I see it disagreements or not I say things the way my heart does ……man I did way took much thinking……this is ME
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