My Muse

You are my Muse 
The world has opened up and swallowed me wholeheartedly 

For what I thought wasn’t real has become somewhat like a dream 

A dream in which I don’t want to be woken up from 

This feeling of falling all but so slowly yet so fast

Has swept my away





The beginning of my end

You have no idea how much the world has spun out of control 

This feeling of being one

Has enclosed myself in a bubble of internal bliss

Never have I given myself wholeheartedly uninhibited no walls no doubts no guessing myself to you

Like the weight of all has been lifted away from my crowded world

I can breathe you in my love 

A gentle kiss a look a laugh shared a touch of your hand has spun me into a place where you and I connected on a level that has blown my world into a dream 

A dream that has placed us in a path of what can never be undone

Love is……. a dream come true 

Cat 06/14/2017
Dedicated to My Love a man who has captured all of me… Brent, you have change the colours of my world❤️ Je Taime My Darling