Waiting for You

Waiting for you
It’s hard to describe, the way you make my stomach turn upside down

You lift me up into the sky, right on top of that brightest cloud

The things you say make me feel like your queen, even without the crown.
With you in my team, nothing seems like a problem, nothing is to hard to deal

When I’m in pain, you seem the only one to understand, and to heal

Maybe that’s why you attract me, maybe that’s why you make me feel the way I feel.
Doubts and questions are messing with my mind, I was afraid didn’t know what to do

Should I listen to my heart or to my mind, I didn’t know what path I had to choose

I knew what’s wrong and what’s right, I realized I needed something fresh and new

The chance to experience something so pure and real, I just could not let that loose.
I just can’t wait for the day we meet, I’m like a little kid crying for some ice-cream

I know for sure, things will work out fine, because you & me together sounds divine

It doesn’t matter how long I’ll wait or what I have got to do, to realize this dream

Time is ticking, days are flying by, but I’ve got the will to wait till you’ll be mine.