Ggrrrr moments

So I’m struggling to define what it is I want where it is that I want to be in a relationship so many qualities that I want and desire and need in a man who I would like to have in my life so many complex so many unanswered qualities that come into play when you think about what you want in your life.Someone who is excepting regardless of what life situation is especially when you have to deal with exes child support court and other life dramas when you have kids I mean you are constantly in and out of their lives whether they’re adults or still children and for me that’s important to have someone to have that connection with my kidsAnd then there is the relationship with me I’m not complicated but I mean there are things that I desire and that I need to have in a relationship I don’t want to take care of somebody who is needy or demanding I want to have a relationship that is understanding caring open always communication it’s a two-way street it’s not easy when you have been single for so long andyou have somebody coming to your life and having to take care of them I have taken care of a lot of people in my life and for me at this age I am ready for somebody to take care of me. I’m ready to settle down I’m ready to take somebody and my life all time … just needs to be the right person we don’t fall in love by choice we fall in love by chance we give our hearts really sometimes to the right person and sometimes we give it to the wrong person and we end up hurt but then love should not be closed you should always have room to expand and I’m always willing to expand. Commitment seems to be the issue for the men .. never enough to just have one woman or to not be undeciding or want to keep options open. What is it that they get so bored with??? Lack of sex hmmmmm I think not lack of attention mmm nope maybe it’s because they just cannt be satisfied??? What is it that men want? I can say for whenever I ask the answers the same “I don’t know” gggrrrrrrrrrr is my answer .