Troubled mind

As I sit and think about what if …can it be… when….should I…. hmmmmm what is it that makes our thought process so hard to just narrow it down? Questions …doubts…concerns. ..self battle…heartache….sadness. …grrrŕrrrrrrrr….yes grrrr it’s all I can motivate myself to say sometimes I am so angry at myself for allowing my wall to crumble why? Why? Do I not learn???? Sometime I amaze myself at what I can write other days I stumble to allow my words to flow and say what I need to let out. ….hence this blog it makes it out no matter how or when ….sighhhhhh ahhhh some times a simple conversation just tweaks at me fills me with remorse …sadness… wanting more….but a shake of my head and slipping those feelings back into my pocket helps….then I move on ….all doors open and close no use nailing then shut you never know what’s on the other side waiting for you in life … well I am off to ponder my life in my head …..





2 thoughts on “Troubled mind

  1. I just read This is the Real Me … from where I’m sitting, you’re a pretty remarkable woman with goodness, blessings and creativity …. I’m glad I ran into you


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