Life or something like it

So what do we do about life and our past mistakes? Do we move on past this? Do we sit and worry about what happened in the past and take it with us into the future? I know in my life I’ve made a lot of mistakes cross the wrong road burnt the wrong bridges but I’ve done a lot of good more than I’ve done bad so does this entitle me to continue on worrying about what happened in the past? What does this tell us about our past relationships how can we move on from the bad relationships into the good ones? And what do we do with those who do come into our lives and they still burn those bridges they make us doubt our own confidence to move forward and to learn how to mend our broken relationships or to move past them. There comes a point in our lives when we want to forgive all those who Hurt us but yet some piece of what they have done still stays with us and in the back of our minds can we really move forward into the relationship that we want without having those issues brought forward it is possible to leave some of it behind but there’s always going to be that small window of doubt that what if. You can read all the self-help books you can read all the psychological quizzes all the expert on relationships but what it comes down to is your self is knowing yourself and knowing where you want to be and who you want to be with and howyou want that relationship to play out.

Recently in my life I stop dating about four years ago and kind of saw a friend or two you know in between but nothing that was solid nothing that was concrete nothing that was relationship worthy. And then I had a change in life I knew move new direction and I opened up the possibility of dating, the last couple months I started dating somebody and at first it was just a whirlwind of sex and talking and nothing that was supposed to be real or solid it was in fact just that just dating and then sometime during that time the feelings between the both of us grew stronger and our attentions in our affections turn from One Direction to another with great compilation because neither of us was really looking for what each was willing to put out there. And over time the relation ship became more complicated there was talk there was communication and there was understanding there was a misunderstanding but one side sitting on the fence really didn’t help The decision whether to move on or whether to continue. So in a flurry of communication and talking and opening up we decided that we would see each other was it exclusive yes! was one still open to the possibility of finding someone that was more of a match yes! Did that bother me yes exclamation exclamation deny voice these concerns absolutely was I mad with any kind of soothing? Either way I was and Innoway I wasn’t in the back of my mind I could still feel the fact that yes he wanted to be with me yes he wanted to spend time with me yes there was a lot of traction yes there was a connection but he was still open to meeting somebody who matched what he really wanted from other or a long-term commit so he tells me that after 2 mths that may we should just be friends PPPFFTTTTTT .MY asnwer is goodbye i already know i am hurt by the rejection after 2 mths of dating….So now I am back to the single life ….what a joke dating is so many issues and fence sitting. My lesson here is not to invest myself at all to anyone until they prove their value to me