On a clear day

On a clear day
forever we shall see
into the heavens
far beyond this earth.
When you come to me
No one else will exist.

You will be all I want,
all I desire.
My only love, so true.
I will be solely yours.
When I come to you.
At that one special moment
we will finally be free.

I will be yours.
You will be mine.
To love each other.
As you come to me.
Our commitment for each other
shall finally come to pass
in warmth desire and passion.
Together my love at last.

These arms are so empty.
These lips desire none other,
‘tis true.
Then we shall belong to each other,
my love.
When I come to you.

Long last we are together.
Your touch so real to me.
We meet each other,
then embrace.
As it is meant to be.
Eternally we are together.
Into the heavens we can see.
This wonderful day remembered.
The day you came to me.

Cat 2012