My willow tree life

My life like a willow tree
Branches growing every which way
Endless branches forever spreading
Yet there are no roots
No roots to ground me
Hold me deep into the earth
Twisted and sad she stands alone
Pieces of branches fall beneath
Unseen by any
Like lonely tears falling silent
Thick leaves hide all that is beneath
Standing tall against winds and storms
And as life strips away the leaves
It leaves her vulnerably to the world
Naked and without cover
She braves against it all
Yet the song of one bird is heard amongst her branches
A song that fills her lonely soul
Awakening her from her slumber
It calls to her from the edges
Come to me
Come to me
Warm breezes flow through her branches
A hope of life yet to return
But she reaches out to grasp
Alas her roots are still gone
No where to find a solid ground
She must ignore the song bird
Who sings to her soul
And return to stand alone

Cat 14/01/2013FB_IMG_1492973049956