What Is It???

So really what is a relationship about? what defines what a relationship is? where does one start on beginning to understand what relationships are? how do we define them ?how do we set the standard for whatever a relationship should be or how it should start or how it should end why is it that it’s such a complicated thing the words that we use when we talk to each other are so misunderstood and misconstrued and often not understood where is the book that shows us how one survives a relationship?What is it about a relationship that makes it so complex and drives us crazy and makes us think that there’s not ever going to be that one person out there for us and yet when we do find a person it seems to be the wrong person and often it is the right person just the wrong time wrong place we carry those emotions and those feelings and then we threw them away like a crumpled piece of paper and then once it’s gone tossed in the trash where nobody can find it that much then we doubt ourselves we doubt our confidence we doubt our ability to care to be compassionate to be our own person and then we fail to see what’s really out there anymore…..and where do we end our past relationships and the connections that we have with them is there such a thing as truly just being friends with your exes or do we just stay out of obligation a sense of we know what’s there so why change it even if it doesn’t make us happy how do we move on from that what is truly stopping us from achieving our own happiness by moving forward words for thought some people have that happiness and that happy ever after they found that one person that truly fits I wish I could find that I wish I could give all my love so freely without worry with out holding back without building walls without doubt without worries without second-guessing it happens when your relationships have damaged you to the point where you just don’t know where you want anything to go anymore but still you try even though you fall you get hurt you feel like you’ve been crushed misunderstood unloved unwanted and undesirable and you still believe in relationships but at some point there has to be a change not just one person has to change both have to change and it doesn’t have to be huge changes just little ones little ones to make it so that you both can live comfortably with those changes change is scary change is frightening intimidating but yet in order to keep that relationship going it has to be done there’s no real rules to relationships but there is understanding and at the end of it all it all comes down to what fits in your life