My Muse

You are my Muse 
The world has opened up and swallowed me wholeheartedly 

For what I thought wasn’t real has become somewhat like a dream 

A dream in which I don’t want to be woken up from 

This feeling of falling all but so slowly yet so fast

Has swept my away





The beginning of my end

You have no idea how much the world has spun out of control 

This feeling of being one

Has enclosed myself in a bubble of internal bliss

Never have I given myself wholeheartedly uninhibited no walls no doubts no guessing myself to you

Like the weight of all has been lifted away from my crowded world

I can breathe you in my love 

A gentle kiss a look a laugh shared a touch of your hand has spun me into a place where you and I connected on a level that has blown my world into a dream 

A dream that has placed us in a path of what can never be undone

Love is……. a dream come true 

Cat 06/14/2017
Dedicated to My Love a man who has captured all of me… Brent, you have change the colours of my world❤️ Je Taime My Darling 


To be?

One look and I melt into
your arms, that enclose me
in a warm comfort
Sweet whispers against my
neck fill me with shutters of excitment
Your breathe upon my cheek
gently carresses me into
A touch of your fingers brings
my sences rising high and
leave me breathless
Your kiss lingers upon my
lips, your touch I feel even
when your not there
But words confuse me with
the unsureness of yourfaith in what should be
Your actions push and pull
at my heart leaving me
not knowing
An emotional turmoil I have
found inside the unknowing
of how we should be
Answers to the questions thatleave me baffled by the
way you know not how
to show me that this is how
we are to be


Are we awaken to our true senses?

Our passion for life 

The journey hour

That chimes when time has 


Can we see past ourselfs

Into others

How blind are we to our 

True selfs

Where does life start or end

We grow weary of this life



Ignoring our inner self

Roaring to be free

From these chains that bind us

Close your eyes 

Yo feel the world spin 


Is it stopping for you?

Is there anyone to catch you when you fall 


Inside your soul

Pacing like a caged tiger

Untameable wild and 


How do we see our 

Lives so far away

From ourselfs 

Bound to this earth like world

Spirits hovering 


In a darkness that makes no sencbut to those who 

Hear the poets roar



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I feel nothing

Thoughts could it be just running through my
mind worries of both past and future
What is to come what will be Where?
Sleepless is my body and mind yet full
I feel no pain nor anger nor saddness
just a feeling of what shall be When?
Do I hunger for something deep inside
that I do not yet know what it is
Tears I feel hidden yet I cannot shed
Not of the kind that make you sad
but ones that say its time to let go
These are the thoughts that race my
mind aimless and wandering thoughts
Of here there today tommorrow of yesterday
Let my mind expand its riches let
it be free from the binds that hold them
back from whatever holds it captive

Cat Jan 23/06

Hate in heart

Confusion clouds my mind        I have 

                               Only my words…..

                                        To comfort me 

      It’s not me 

This I know

                               You ……

                                       Do you know 

What you have 

           Done with my life 

This dark cloud that covers 

                                       My eyes blinds

                                         Me ….

My heart aches in ways 

           I have never known 

                                    I hate you …..

A hate that

Isn’t like that 

         You ……..

                              Dont know what you 

                         have stirred

I don’t care

What the world thinks or feels

                                      My life has

                        Turned upside 


Go fuck yourself

                        And take

Back all that

           You say

Is real 

                     And give me back 

                           What you have stolen

Can you see

                 What you have done 

This pain in my life 

                          I can give 


                                            My whole 

This hate that eats

                             At my soul 

Just love me 

                       Just fucking love me ….


Have taken something 

That I cannt 



                                                ………. Me 

Cat 05/ 24/2017